Australian 'fun'etic slangwich - it's not wat ya say it's 'ow ya say it...          Paperback - 130 pages

"g'day mate" -- Youz all know what that means, right? So why, ya reckon, do youz need this little black book? Aussies speak English, don't they? Bloody oath! But hang on a tick, no one's gunna tell ya you'll need a translator! So, if you wanna sound like a 'tru blu dinki di Ocka' (that's a real Aussie to you) and for the ' silly buggers' (the clowns among us) who wanna 'av a good old 'cackle' (laugh) or just for those of you who want a 'deadset rippa' (absolutely fabulous) little souvenir to take home with ya this one's for you! Go on, get into it and give it a go u mug!!



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