Re-Birth Testimonials

During my last vacation to Australia, I had the good fortune to purchase Re-Birth placenta anti-wrinkle & Vitamin E cream.  The lush and smooth cream works effectively on my skin! I love how soft it makes my face feel. I have shared my experience in using your product with my very close personal friend and she also has had the wonderful experience of using Re-Birth product. Thank you for making such a refined cream!

Pam, CA United States

I have been knowing Re-Birth skin care since I visited Australia last year.

I bought Re-Birth placenta anti-wrinkle & Vitamin E cream because I know that it is the most popular placenta cream in Australia.

After trying, I am satisfied with the products because the texture is non-oily, along with being a great moisturizer for my skin. Most importantly, my freckles have gradually gone away. I like Re-Birth placenta cream very much and always recommend to my friends as a good skin care product from Australia.

Lilian, Hong Kong

I was recently introduced to the Re-Birth Emu Whitening Cream with AHA

as a gift. Re-Birth Emu Whitening Cream with AHA has given brighter and softer results to my complexion. It is a wonderful Australian product and I would like to use it on a permanent basis.

Jane, Sydney

I’m delighted with Re-Birth Lanolin & Vitamin E cream. I used to have dry and lackluster skin. After I use this product, I can see the difference it makes. The smooth and soft feeling leave on my skin is so great. Moreover, the price is just right that I wouldn’t be without it.

Sharon, Taiwan