The bushranger Ned Kelly is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. He has been memorialised by painters, writers, musicians, and film makers alike. More books, songs and websites have been written about Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang than any other group of Australian historical figures.

When people are asked what they think of Ned Kelly, the answers are usually fairly extreme. They either see him as a hero who fought for his family and friends, or a bushranger who robbed banks, stole livestock and murdered policemen.

Edward 'Ned' Kelly was born in 1855 near Wallen, Victoria.   In 1877, after several 'run-ins' with the law, Ned and his brother Dan went into hiding and the Kelly gang was formed.   In 1878 Ned shot dead 3 policemen which led to the gang being declared outlaws.

Ned and his gang finally succumbed to the police in 1880 when they made their famous 'last stand' at Glenrowan, Victoria.   Trapped in the Glenrowan Inn, Ned emerged in his suit of armour, but was wounded and captured.   The rest of the Kelly gang perished when the inn was set on fire.

In October 1880 Ned was tried and convicted of murder and hung until dead at the Melbourne Gaol.   He was 25 years old.

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