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From Rose in the UK - Memories of Kalgoorlie

(received Nov 2013)

I went to Australia last year as a present from one of my sons who lives there in Perth with his Aussie wife and son (who was born there). Got to tell you my son is very proud to be an Aussie, I keep telling him don't forget his roots.

Anyway, one experience was that he flew me business class to Perth( lost his Dad 2 years ago) and it was a wonderful trip. I have been there before with his father but always on the, what we call, cattle class, so this was great.

Well after having some time with the family, walking my grandson to school, lounging around the lovely big house, cooking apple pies for them, also dinner and generally having fun, I was shipped down to the other mother-in-law for a break. We get on great, my daughter -in- laws, mum and I and she lives a while away. So I had to get on a train, which is so different to ours here, and had quite a long journey where I was met at the station and went to her house. We had a couple of trips to some nice old towns and then I saw this train and it went to a town called Kalgoorlie. Now this is a gold mining town and all the men there work at the mines. Well I had to go there so we booked up and soon after we were on our way, 6 hour journey, to this wonderful real Australian old town. We arrived there absolutely tired out because the scenery, if you can call it that, was mainly light brown dust all the way. The journey was well worth it though. We stayed in a vey old complex, been done up a few times though. The days were spent looking around the town and although we missed the tour of the gold mines we were able to buy the photos of the roads to the mines and th hard work mining for the start. We went into the sort of museum, all the old stuff there, how they lived years ago, the little houses, the dunnys(loos to us),  it reminded me of life when I was a child, I grew up in old London. UK, we didn't have an inside loo either, or a bathroom, so I could relate to that. OOOH the tales that could be told, of the cold nights trying to use the loo"................, anyway, back to the Kalgoorlie way, there was so much to see, the old buildings, the tops of them not touches, just the bottoms  where the businesses had taken over. The people, wonderful.  We met an old man and, possibly his son, sitting on the porch of a shack house, having a beer, yet greeting us with a good evening. The week ended with us going to the Town Hall and me being able to go into the private quarters, curtesy of the young man on duty, and having my photo taken with the gavel in my hand and sitting in the most important seat.

Oh, yes, I have had some wonderful holidays in OZ, and this must be the most memorable. Of course, visiting family, and with a loved one not with you any more, can top all that.

Yes, I have fond memories of Australia. Visiting this site has given me the chance to share a tiny bit of the things I have seen and the story goes on on with another son hoping to stay out there now.