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Souvenirs Australia Warehouse is brought to you by a fully Australian owned and operated online business located in Sydney Australia and managed by Peter Byron.

This is the same experienced team that brought you Rooballs.com

We have been selling Aussie souvenirs online for over 20 years. We've shipped thousands of orders to Australian and overseas customers in most major countries around the world and our aim is to be the largest source of Australian souvenirs on the web - your one-stop shop!

Over the last few years there has been a significant upsurge in popularity of the more quirky souvenirs such as kangaroo scrotum products, kangaroo paw products and cane toad souvenirs and these items have become some of our best selling products.

Like all our souvenirs, they are genuine reminders of the unique traits of Australia and the humour and frivolity that makes Aussies so endearing over the world.

At Souvenirs Australia Warehouse we also offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $100.

All prices listed are in Australian dollars.

Enjoy your shopping!


Peter Byron - the Souvenirs Guy
Sydney, Australia