Ever wondered sometimes about what those Aussies are actually talking about??  Here we'll try and help out with some explanations of great Aussie slang.

'Stone the Crows' = an exclamation of surprise 

PLEASE EXPLAIN -  Kath & Kim terms decoded by the BBC

Chooky: knocking on a bit, looking old

Afternoon delight: PM passion

Clutching at spanners: desperate

Crack of sparrows: early morning

Effluent: Well off

Foxymoron: very attractive woman

Hinkling: a feeling in your waters

Hornbag: Attractive woman

Huffy Puffy: cardio exercise

Hunk ospunk: attractive man

Man bag: Macho accessory

Pacifically: in particular, actually

Ravishing: very hungry

Team with theme: co-ordinate an outfit to the event

Tizzed up: all dressed up

Welcome mat: unsightly body hair on the lower back

Zip your lip: shut up.



'a bit gone'

Mad; silly; insane

'act the goat'

To behave foolishly.

'add fuel to the fire'

To make a bad situation worse.

'add insult to injury'

To compound a grievance already committed against someone

'aerial ping pong'

Aussie Rules football.

'all alone like a country dunny'

Without company; alone.

'all dolled up'

Dressed in one's best clothes.

'amber fluid'



A toddler.


Okay, all right, eg. She'll be apples.

'argue the toss'

To dispute a decision.

'around the twist'


'A over T'

(arse over tit), to fall heavily.

'as much chance as pushing shit uphill with a rubber fork'

No chance at all.

'Aussie battler'

The ordinary Australian trying to make ends meet.

'Aussie salute'

The flapping away of ever-present flies from one's face.

'Away with the pixies/birdies'

In another world, day-dreaming, intoxicated.


'back o' Bourke'

remote, sparsely populated country area.

'bad case of the trots'


'bad egg'

Undesirable person.

'bad news'

A person likely to cause trouble.

'baffle with bullshit'

Deceive with lies.

'bag of fruit'

Suit (rhyming slang).


To mess up: a real mix-up; chaotic state of affairs.


A Queenslander.

'banged up' 




'been had'



Expression of jubilation.

'big bickies'

Large sum of money.


Minor car accident.

'bit on the nose'




'bloody galah'

Silly person; fool.


Very drunk.

'blow shit out of someone'

Reprimand someone severely.






Uninvited (and usually unwelcome) guest.


Do nothing; be lazy.


Wild party, with plentiful supply of alcohol.

'bored shitless'

Very bored.

'brass monkey weather'

Very cold weather.

'buggered if I know'

Haven't got a clue.


'cark it'

To die.

'carry on like a pork chop'

To behave in a silly way: to overreact.

'catch forty winks'

Have a short sleep.

'charge like a wounded bull'

To set excessively high prices.

'cheap drunk'

One who becomes intoxicated quickly.

'cheesed off'

Very annoyed.

'chuck a leftie'

Turn left.

'chuck a wobbly'

To throw a tantrum.

'clear as mud'



Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Friend; mate


A can of chilled beer.

'come a cropper'

To fall heavily: to have a setback.

'come the raw prawn'

Attempt to deceive.

'cop it sweet'

To be lucky.

'couldn't lie straight in bed'

Of compulsive cheat, swindler, liar.


An expression of astonishment.