Funny Actual Australian Place Names

Have you ever been to Lovely Bottom, Stinkpot Bay, Boozer Creek or Shag Point? Australia has many strange and funny place names! Read about some of our hilarious actual place names...

We have many weird and unusual traditions and slang terms evident right across this wide southern continent. English speaking visitors to our shores are often left bemused when they have clearly heard what an Aussie just said yet have no clue as to just WHAT was actually said!

There seems to be an inherent Aussie sense of humour that is deeply rooted in our history. It can be overheard in shopping centre conversations, at an Aussie barbeque or during a quiet family day out. The Aussie humour is heard out in the streets, in the sun, along the beaches and even in the dry deserts or bushland parts.

And this in-built Aussie humour definitely seems to extend to our place names, cities and towns, creeks, mountains and other geographical areas.

We often have no idea where our place names have originated. Some are undoubtedly from aboriginal origins but others may be sourced back to our early colonial period, perhaps proud of their tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

Maybe some originated from the convicts sent out to Australia as punishment for crimes, perhaps as a subtle shot at their traditional English roots they were forced to leave behind. We will leave the conjecture for the historians, and just accept the bawdy place names, the cute, funny or downright vulgar names.

Sometimes politically incorrect, always hilarious, our country really is ‘chockas’ with weird and funny place names.

The Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names is a large wall map identifying and locating over 1,000 of the funniest, rudest and quirkiest Aussie towns, streets, mountains, lakes and all manner of geographic features.

Be careful, some of these names may cause our older and/or more conservative folk to spit out their tea (or even teeth) violently. Yet these place names are definitely authentic and presumably approved by local authorities at some point in our history.

Every location on the Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names is 100% real and guaranteed to cause bouts of childish giggling.

From Lovely Bottom (Tas) to Bullshit Hill (SA), from Pisspot Creek (Tas) to Titwobble Lane (Vic), via Pimple (Qld), Pensioners Bush (Tas) and Peculiar Knob (SA), Australia really has some world-class place names.  

Apparently created by a bunch of pommy (English) cartographers with the rather posh names of “Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick these meticulously researched place names are really fun to search on this unique Australian map.

As someone who personally lives near the places on the map such as Rooty Hill, Pleasure Point and Bong Bong we can definitely verify that they really are true place names, but we haven’t yet been able to confirm other nearby places on the map to our location,  such as Bummaroo, Backender Buttress or even Licking Hole!

And to be honest, we are not really that keen on taking a refreshing dip in Stinkpot Bay, which is apparently somewhere near Soily Bottom Point!

Something just doesn’t seem to draw us to these areas for our family picnics.

We have closely inspected the Aussie map though and have came up with some of our personal favourites around Australia, can you find them on the map?

Tucker Point | Dirty Creek | Dead Dog Waterhole | Bootie Island | Broken Nose | Stinking Creek | Mount Mee | Gropers Gully | Upsndowns Road | Bastard Gum Flat | Lois Lane | Hogwash Bend | Wiggle Belly Beach | Shag Point | Boozer Creek | Granny’s Gut | The Never Never | Dingo Flats | Cooee | Boring Creek | Wild Night Hill | Nookie Street

The list goes on… and we must admit a small level of concern that some of these place names seem to be derived from actual events. If not, then surely the only explanation left is that the great Australian sense of humour has always been here in spades!

In all states, in all cities and in the bush, it's far and wide across this great southern land of Australia.

Even in bloody Woop Woop !

Check out the Marvellous Map of Actual Australian Place Names - it's the only map you'll ever need...hang it on an appropriate wall for the visual pleasure of your own budding cartographic enthusiasts.

Or perhaps it could go ‘straight to the pool room” ?

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